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Mar 6, 2011
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I have a question about my yellow duckling it has a funny twitch it's always opening and closing it's mouth in a rythmic pattern even in its sleep what does this meen the other two don't do it. It's eating good and everything els seem right il to post a vid for y'all to see it

My ducklings will do that on occasion as well. I don't know that it is a big deal, but would like to know as well.
Is it possible it has a blocked nostril??? At that age they are very small and even something very small can give them breathing problems. I was watching and saw that the mouth opening and closing was in time with it taking a breath, also the twitch or little head shake- could be that what ever it is makes the duckling itch- and it gives it head a little shake to try and dislodge what ever it is.

??? I may be wrong...but thats just what it looks like to me.
I call this the "Infamous Pekin Pant!"

I'm always seeing posts and topics concerning pekins who are panting a lot, or opening their mouths a lot. Just make sure your little one doesn't have blocked nostrils. If their is no blockage and they have adequate water to blow their noses, it's just part of a pekin being a pekin....

I had one that would pant and pant and pant all day, even when I put him outside in the colder weather... silly thing... They do seem to grow out of it as they get older and feather out.

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