7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
Bostic, North Carolina
My uncle died last week and my aunt is wanting to give me their chickens...there are 7 in all...5 hens and 2 roosters...they are suppose to be red/golden comets not sure have not seen them...but apparently they would tear my uncle up when he went in the pen with them...comets are not normally mean, but they say these you think they could have game in them since they have a mean side? I will see them tomorrow and will be able to decide what type of chickens they father said that the roosters were huge they come up to his knee and he is 5'6...they are white and the hens are red/brown...I will post pictures tomorrow after the funeral...if anyone could help me out I would be grateful thanks :)
I'm not exactly sure what your question is. They don't have to be game to be human aggressive.

If they are supposed to be comets they are probably hatchery birds. Hatcheries don't breed for behavior. I'll permanenetly remove a human aggressive rooster from my flock, never giving him a chance to breed. I don't wind up with many human aggressive roosters and don't keep any around for long.

If it is the roosters with the problem, just eat the roosters and keep the hens.
Apparently it is all of them my question was are they mean...I will have to see how they act tomorrow, but until then I have no clue about them...I would not care about the breeding because they are not brooders...I might hatch a few eggs but more than likely not...I do not think they took the time to bond with them...I am going to try to bond and break them from it...all my chickens have always been friendly if I raised them...I do not want to kill any of my animals and I could never eat one of them...

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