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    Apr 29, 2013
    I was wondering if it would be more economical to sell my pullets before winter, or feed them all winter and then sell them? They are laying. The reason why I want to sell them is because we like the banties better!


    Hannah in OK

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Hm, this is tough. Calculations include:

    • original price per bird
    • feed to date
    • cost of bedding
    • cost of electricity for lighting
    • cost of feed to get through winter
    • price you may be able to sell the birds this winter
    • price you may be able to sell the birds after winter

    Feed is the most difficult here... I usually say that an individual hen eats 1-2lbs of feed per week. Pullets may eat more, as they are growing, or less, as they are not producing eggs. Play with some calculations and decide if it is worth it to YOU.

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