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  1. Hello,
    As some of you may know from my signature, my rooster sadly passed away [​IMG]. Now his hens have been left roosterless. I have several roosters who would love to take them, but there is one rooster who I would like to give them to. The thing is, the hens who have no rooster, used to be my rooster Eddy's hens. Then when Oreo the rooster came along he took them from Eddy, so Eddy took over a different flock. Now I am not sure if Eddy wants his old hens back, or wants to keep his new hens, now that Oreo sadly passed away. The rooster I would like to put with those hens is Scribble (unless Eddy wants them). Scribble is very sweet and not much of a fighter, so I would like to keep him with my 2 main flocks. Scribble is a maturing cockerel, he is mating and crowing. He is currently living with Eddy's flock, though he has no hens that are actually his. So I have 2 flocks, 2 coops. One coop has 8 roosterless hens. So; do you think Eddy would want his old flock back? If not how do I switch Scribble to the new flock? Will Scribble accept the hens? I hope these are answerable questions.
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    - roostersandhens
  2. Anyone have advice?
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    Either rooster will take either flock. There may be a short adjustment period with the older one but it should be very short.

    The young one may have problems until he matures some more because sometimes older mature hens will not accept an immature cockerel, but that will correct itself as he matures. It's not a question of whether or not the rooster will accept the hens, it’s a question of whether the hens will accept him right now. In time they will.
  4. Thanks! This helps a lot [​IMG]
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    So sorry for your loss of Oreo. [​IMG]

    We are particularly enamored of our roos as well (we have 18 right now. lol (90 birds total.)), and it will be sad the day they will pass.

    I have to agree... older hens will dominate a younger cockerel, but usually they will grow used to him, then finally accept him as flock leader as he matures. I really like older hens with a younger cockerel, as I think the cockerels learn better manners. [​IMG]

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