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    Dec 29, 2008
    I have been raising what I thought were nine beautiful ladies, 5 Buff orpingtons and 4 RIR. But in the last couple of days the wonderful members of this board have told me that I have a RIR rooster !

    Well in the past couple of days it seems he has realized as well what he is, his comb and wattles today look dark red and he is making a screeching sound almost every ten minutes or so as if hes warming up for his first crow.

    But the strange part is that all the ladies are basking in the sun, laying in the pine shavings just relaxing in a large group, while he just walks back and forth in the dark shade of their coop. No social interaction, while all females get along perfectly, he just sorta of stalks in the shadows.

    I watched this for about 20 minutes, he just practices crowing, walks back and forth in a almost perfect line in the shadows, stared me down for a couple of minutes then went back to his sulking.

    Is this regular cockerel behavior ? To separate itself as it prepares for the hormone rush, I find it surprising because he is only I think 10 - 11 weeks old.
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    Feb 15, 2009
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    Sounds about normal! I have thirteen 3-month old chicks, including four cockerals. They interact with the others, but they don't ever dust bathe or lay around with them. They are trying to crow, it really just sounds like they are going through puberty, their voices crack. [​IMG]

    They're are already trying to get it on with the pullets, and they spar together too.

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