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    Feb 21, 2014
    Hey guys I have duck eggs that are mostly hatched but there is one that is now day 30 that is still peeping and strong, but when I looked at her today she looked stuck and it seems like she might have ruptured the yolk sac. There was a small amount of creamy yellow goop, almost translucent at times that was pooled in between the inner membrane and shell and it was also on her nose and had dried and stuck to the shell so she couldn't move. I did remove it and used a clean qtip to soak up any of the extra goop. She was one of the eggs with a hairline fracture on arrival and so I had put wax on it so I could try to incubate it. Anyways I'm pretty sure if this is a yolk rupture it would have been mostly absorbed by now as she has been externally pipped for over 48 hours.

    What should I do? I put her back in the bator to attempt to let her out on her own, or do I need to get her out to tie off the sac remainders so she doesn't get infection?

    Please, any help is appreciated!

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