Questions About Breeders Who Offer "Hatching Service" On Their Available Eggs

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May 10, 2013
I've now noticed several Ebay auctions where either in the title or the description, the egg seller is offering a "hatching service". It looks like a way to get around auction sites rules that ban the sale of live animals, and on the bright side, it also appears to help eliminate some of the numerous issues with trying to hatch shipped eggs on unusual and rare breeds that are not available as live chicks through commercial hatcheries. So one of my questions is, if an egg seller offers a hatching service for an additional charge ( depending on breed, hatching services seem to run the pricing gamut as much as the eggs themselves with the rarer, most costly eggs being considerably more costly to be hatched), is the seller only obligated at that point to send out the same number of chicks based on number of eggs that actually hatched, or would they be obligated to send out the number of chicks based on the number of eggs that were actually purchased? For example, a breeder sells 12 eggs with hatching service and for whatever reason, only 6 hatch out. Does the breeder keep the payment for the original sale of 12 plus the cost of hatching them, or, because they are in the business to hatch, do they send 12 chicks ( if 12 are available from another hatch) or should/would they refund the difference for the eggs that didn't hatch? Do they actually make the buyer wait the 21 days plus for the hatch to complete, or because they offer hatching on their breeds anyway, they generally have chicks available and ready to ship upon payment? Just curious how that works if anyone here offers a hatching service on their egg sales.


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Jun 23, 2012
My guess is that it varies from breeder to breeder. I'd probably contact the breeder(s) you are considering buying from, and ask them directly, otherwise you could end up with a very different result than you were expecting due to their policies.

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