Questions about broody hen..


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Mar 23, 2008
Waco, Texas
She has been broody about 4 or 5 days or so. Im planning on buying a few eggs for her sit on. I think hes sending them out Monday. Would that be too late to slip under her? Or will she set on them until they hatch? Say if its longer than 21 days.
If she is a determined broody, she will sit regardless if she has eggs. And some will sit until an egg hatches, no matter how long it takes. I have had a hen be broody for up to a month. So you should be fine.

If she isn't sitting on anything now, you could put a couple eggs or golf balls or rocks under her and she how she does. Then when the hatching eggs arrive, remove the dud eggs and put the new ones in. Doing this at night or when she is off the nest for her broody poo might be best.
I have two nest but my 5 chickens will only lay in one.
I dont get home from work until 4pm so she sits on eggs until then. Whenever I go to collect the eggs she 'fluffs up' and starts cackling real loud. I will try the golf balls under her until I get the fertile eggs for her to lay on. Thanks

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