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Sep 24, 2019

I am about to be a new duck mom. I have ordered from purely poultry and the ducks should be here one week from today. As you can see from the subject line I have ordered a Cayuga, Blue Runner and White Crested. I have ordered all females. Now for my question..... which one of these would make the best indoor/outdoor pet. I plan to have them all as pets, however I do plan on letting one be more of our indoor pet. Does anyone have experience with these breeds as a pet?
Does a certain breed bond easier to humans? Any tips?
If you handle them a lot from the start they will be more friendly. There is no guarantee that any of them will seek affection from you or enjoy sitting on your lap. Do things around them without touching them to have the grow used to your presence, like yardwork, weeding, finding bugs to feed them. To be honest, if you are ordering day olds you are starting off behind. It's easier to get them to bond to you if you are hatching the eggs yourself.

As for the house duck thing, I know some people do it. In terms of breed there is no difference except for sheer size of the animal. They all poop a lot, and it's liquidy and wet. A pekin will produce more than a runner. You'll either need to find or create a duck diaper for the duck to wear or create a plastic lined area they can stay without messing up your floors. It can be done, and there are members here who have done it successfully, but it is not personally something I would ever, ever try. Ducks are hella messy.

You know what they say....birds of a feather flock together. They like being with their own and stick together. It might be difficult to select a single house duck when her friends are outside.
I only own cayugas out of these, and I had two (now one) and both were lovey dovey with me and sat on my lap all the time. However.. every animal has its own personality so it’s hard to say.
Let’s say, you buy a Pekin because you read they are the friendliest.
Well turns out your Pekin is a mean, selfish thing. That’s their own personality.
You can help them love you more by spending time with them, like the first poster mentioned. Make sure not to handle them on day 1 a lot as so they need to adjust to the home etc. you might put hem in shock because of that. Good luck and I hope to see some pics! What’re their names(gonna be)?
I need names! They just called and said they had to sub out my White crested with a blue swedish. So I am more than happy to hear any ideas you have for names of these girls!

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