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    I picked up a few chicks this weekend this is my first time raising chicks I have three laying hensthat I've had about a year. So first question how much he do they need?and second what kind of treats can I feed them? I'm included some pictures because I'm not really sure how old they are. any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks?[​IMG]
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    I believe you're asking temperature of te brooder, which is around 90 to 95F for the first few days. Please check out the raising baby chicks section in our learning center, above.

    They will let you know whether they are too warm or too cold. Being too warm can quiclky lead to dehydration. I'll give you some other helpful links: (esp. post 6) (esp. post 10)
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    From the photo, it appears your chicks could be between three and four weeks old. They seem to be well on their way to feathering out, therefore their heat needs are not nearly as critical as chicks in their first week, when all they have is thin down covering them.

    Assuming all the chicks are around the same age, going by the fellow in the foreground, and he appears to be a cockerel, by the way, they may need little to no heat. A 100 watt bulb at night may be all they need, and temps of 75 F, 25 C, give or take depending on their development.

    Why don't you take a little time and go fill out your profile so we know what region of the world you're from. It will help us all in advising you, knowing what your daytime and night time temps are. Your babies are close to being able to live outdoors in a coop.
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    With regard to feed, they should get a chick starter/grower feed (18% protein) or an all flock feed (20% protein). Don't give them a layer feed until they actually start laying eggs, as the high calcium content in the layer feed will cause organ damage in chicks.

    I usually hold off on treats (e.g., scratch, table scraps) until they're at least 4-5 months old, as it can throw off the nutrient balance they should be getting through a complete feed. However, when the weather turns nice, they can certainly be allowed access to pasture or an untreated lawn. The grasses, clovers, etc. will do them good. Be sure to provide grit as soon as they're getting vegetation or any hard grains, as they need it for digestion.
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