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Jul 14, 2010
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I have two french standard cuckoo marans hens and love them. I am having a hard time finding them a Mr. though. I called a lady the other day that breeds BCM's and she was nasty about the Cuckoo's and stated they are worthless birds, you can't show them, and that she would never suggest anyone own them. My question is this, does anyone know if APA is going to recognize this breed anywhere in the near future. My girls are beautiful (in my opinion) and their eggs are a beautiful dark brown. They just started laying this week. I would also like other's opinions on this breed. The pic is of one of my girls when she was only about 3 months old and the egg pic is from this morning (they are the two in the middle of each row).


I have about 10 hens, as well as a roo, and I love their eggs and the temperment of the birds, I personally dont mind having birds that arent recognized because most of mine are pets anyways.
They do have a good temperment and I was thinking about getting some BCM's as well, but I won't be getting them from her. I just don't like the haughty attitude and the "what I've got is better than everyone else" way of thinking. I am still going to look for a French Standard Cuckoo Marans male though. I'd love to hatch out some eggs this spring.
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Too bad you aren't closer, I have 2 roos I would give you
This is my first year with maran's and I LOVE their eggs and my roos are big and beautiful, I just have too many roosters.
The lady you contacted clearly doesn't know how showing works or how new breeds & varieties are recognized. If you are interested in showing your beautiful cuckoo hens, by all means go ahead. The only way new breeds and varieties are accepted into the APA is by showing them. There are propsed standards that have been submitted to the APA for Black Copper Marans. Once those are accepted the clubs will begin working on the other color varieties. While BC are the most popular color variety at the moment there are a lot of breeders like you & me who have fallen in love with the cuckoo variety. Try checking out one or both of the Marans clubs that have passionate breeders of all the color varieties to find yourself a good roo to cover your girls. You can also find a show in your area and meet up with some breeders there and see the great representatives that are being shown of the breed.

Good luck in your quest and don't give up on a color you clearly love!

ETA - great color on your eggs! Congrats!
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If you will post this on the Marans thread you will get more comments. The club MCCUSA has already been working on getting the silver cuckoo recognized in the APA . they will be after the Wheaten color.
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