Questions about denagard, uses, dosages, type and drug strength.

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    Jul 12, 2011
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    hi all [​IMG]

    so we have mycoplasma confirmed in our small backyard flock, my guys were treated with tylan in the initial outbreak, but wanted to get some denagard in to use when they next need it.

    i have visited the uk drug site it seems there are 2 different presentations of the drug, and different strengths. im having a bit of a hard time knowing which one i need.......i think its the 12.5% solution i need. i think it would be easier to do drinking water than premix in food.

    just wondered if anyone had any thoughts, opinions etc.

    also is it wise to give them a dose every month for 3 days, or do people think its better just to do it when ill.

    thanks in advance, website is
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    Oct 7, 2010
    Do a search for denagard on this forum. To narrow it down and get really good advice also search for author dawg53. His advice always worked exceptionally well for my flock and he has written extensively about the use of denagard.
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    Jul 12, 2011
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    thanks for that ca. i was hoping dawg53 will see the post and help me out again, he put me on to the idea of denegard in the first place. i spoke to the drug company today and they have advised the 12.5% at a dose of 2ml per litre. the only draw back is its so expensive [​IMG]

    i would still like to hear about how others use this product. [​IMG]
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    Quote:The reason there are 2 different dosages is because the initial treatment is actually called the "Treatment" dose, more quantity of denagard is added to the water upon the first treatment.
    Then monthly thereafter, you follow up with the "Preventative" dose which is less quantity of denagard added into the same amount of water.
    The bottom line is that you start out with the higher dose in the water for 3-5 days. Then a month later and monthly thereafter, use the lower dose in the same amount of water for 3 days.
    Since you have confirmed MG in your flock, I would continue with the "preventative" lower dose as directed. It's up to you if you decide otherwise though. Keep in mind that birds will still be carriers, that's why there's a monthly preventative dose.
    Yes, I've read that it is expensive here too. But I've also read that it lasts a long time. IMO the fact that there is no resistance to it would make it the best product on the market for treatment of MG and well worth the money spent....unless you decide to cull your birds, sanitize everything, and then start over later down the road.
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    Jul 12, 2011
    Gloucestershire UK
    hey you found my post, thanks for the help!

    its seems here in the uk the are a variety of denegard products.
    injections (for swine)
    water soluble granules
    pre-mix for food
    ready mixed solution.

    im going for the ready mixed as its the lowest quantity. 1 litre is around £40 (+VAT @ 20%)
    so i was only given 1 dose rate for this, 2ml per litre that must be the treatment dose, will the preventative be half that i wonder.........[​IMG]

    i wont be culling, i have no doubt its the best thing to do.

    i have heard people talk of chicken maths this must be what they mean??? as in the first egg that month is really going to cost me. [​IMG]
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