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  1. EggheadsRus

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Just want to say really enjoying it here at BYC!!

    We have pretty much finished the plans for our new chicken coop but have a few questions about dropping boards [​IMG]

    Our coop is going to be 6x8 (for 10 Delawares): how large do we need to make the dropping boards? What do materials do we need (in other words how is built)? How do you build the pull-out type? We plan on having one long roost along the back of the coop (8'side).

    Also, about flooring.... we thought of using a wood flooring, would it be fine to polyurethane the boards for easier cleaning?

    Thanks for all the help [​IMG]

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  2. EggheadsRus

    EggheadsRus Out Of The Brooder

    Jun 22, 2011

    Noticed that some people on here use cement mixer pans for their droppings. Would I need to put something in the pans (eg. sand, shavings) or just leave them empty? Seems these would be more economical and easier to clean. [​IMG]
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    Well I use a board, and it's pretty economical. Any kind of scrap plank that's about 18 inches wide and as long as your roost will work. You can just nail scrap 2x4 'braces' at each end, and along the back wall, and set the plank on that. If it's not a really solid plank, then add a brace at your 4 ft. point. I put a thin sheet of masonite like paneling on top of my heavy board because it's so easy to clean/hose off, ect. But some just paint the plank, and some leave it bare. I keep a bucket and 6" putty knife handy and scrape my dropping boards daily (takes about a minute).

  4. nuchickontheblock

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    May 16, 2010
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    Our set up is similar to the previous pic that is posted. We put laminate floor covering on the coop floor and had a left over piece that we used to cover the dropping board. The board is about 14" wide and a few inches below our single roost board. Our roost board and poop board run the length of one wall. I put pine shavings on the floor (otherwise it can be a bit slippery for the girls) and also makes for easy poop clean up and sprinkle a light layer of shavings on the poop board too. Easy to scoop up the poop with a putty type knife and dust pan in the morning. Our poop board is actually the top of our nest boxes and the whole set up is screwed to the wall.

    Enjoy your new coop. [​IMG]
  5. dbounds10

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    Mar 15, 2011
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    I use a metal drip pan purchased at an auto part store for 10$. Nothing sticks to it and i use some sand and Stall Dry on it.

  6. florida lee

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    Apr 6, 2011
    I also used the metal drip pans from auto store, I think about $10. Also I used SPAR URETHANE on the floors and a foot or so up the wood walls (the kind used on boats) helps floor shed water and clean up real easy.

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