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    Hey everyone.
    A couple of my babies are having trouble with their right eye. It's been going on for a few days where they keep getting something in it, followed by some gunk build up, and I wipe their eye with a q-tip and warm water.
    This first one is the worst. As of right now, it is shut and crusty, I dont think he could open it if he wanted to. Should I just use water? Do you think neosporin (sp?) would be better? Since I know it would help heal whatever is wrong and soften the skin so he would be able to open it soon.

    The second one keeps getting little peices of stuff in his eye, like he's laying down in the food with his eye open. I keep cleaning it the same way as the other, not sure what else I can do. It isn't stuck closed or anything, its just watery like his eye is trying to flush it all out, but its not working.

    Should I use the neosporin?
    Also, tomorrow morning I'm going to go buy some mesh wire and make the bottom of their cage raised just like 1/2 an inch so that they can't lie in their food anymore. Hopefully that will solve it, but I need to know if anyone has any ideas on how to help now. Thank you so much!
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    Oh wait, this should probably go under the injuries/cures thread, huh?
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    Mar 30, 2007
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    Can anyone help kanchii out, I told them to post the question and they need answers. I really dont have any idea what to do for them. [​IMG]
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    I am not sure how to help, so hopefully someone will come along with more experience. In the meantime, keep it clean and open. I would not apply anything that is not meant for the eyes. Just make sure the eye remains clean and open daily, otherwise this could lead to blindness. Hang in there..I'm sure someone will come along with more experience in treating this. I just don't want to recommend something that could cause more problems.

    Have you noticed any of your adult birds with problems (sneezing, respiratory, etc)? If so, could have transferred illness to the chick. I'm just guessing here, but more info might help.

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    The chicks aren't even close to the adults (who are all healthy anyway) they are in a tank in my living room. Everyone else is healthy, I think its that they keep getting food in their eye. I cleaned them out again last night and this morning their eyes look WAY better, almost back to normal. And after this afternoon I'll be making the bottom of the tank a raised wire floor so that they cant lay on the food they spill, which will probably solve the problem completely. Just wondering if theres anything good for chicks eyes to apply, though they seem to be doing much better now.
    Thanks for your concern thndrdancr and hinkjc. <3
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    Jan 11, 2007
    I copied this from my website I list and talk about many of the products I buy.

    I keep all my pet supplys in one area so that I can have quick access to what ever I may need in any situation.
    I Keep a bottle of sterile eye drops to use in the event one of my birds gets something in thier eye or they have a crusty coated eye.
    I first try to clear the eye as best I can then I apply some of the Terramycin/Antibiotic eye ointment in the effected eye as per the directions.
    I think I paid about $6.00 from Agway for the little tube you see in the yellow/white box.
    I also like to have little packets of Tripple Antibiotic and/or Bacitracin Ointment for other types of injurys.

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    Yea, Kanchii, best to put ointment especially FOR EYES on it, rather than neosporin, so nix the neoporin idea, k?
    Or you might try some eye drops, if you think that would work better.
    Hope they get better quickly.
  8. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    flush the eye with an eye wash...
    Vit A deficiency will often cause these eye lesions...
    you can use a childrens liquid vit . A drops and give three drops in beak once a day for a week then taper off (you can also use POLYVISOL)... see if this helps.
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  10. fdnick

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    Aug 22, 2007
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    Terramyacin (tube of ointment) will fix it right up, its works great for horses with cloged tear ducts and cats with goopy eyes, and I have used it on one of my hens, she got her eye pecked and it is healing great :O)
    GOOD stuff.... no prescription needed get it at a farm supply anywhere..

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