questions about laying freedom rangers???


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I kept 2 out of my 26 FR's due to their kind disposition..They are now 24 weeks old and laying and mixed in with my other layers. I have watched them lay more than one egg a day. The problem is that they are rubber eggs at least the first one is and then right away lay another egg with hardly no shell and this laying is done outside the coop but wil lay a normal egg in the nest box. Obviously not enough time to produce the shell..Has anyone else kept freedom rangers and have had such issues with their laying??
Yes, a few of my 6 month old ISA Browns have done that. They free range all day and return to the coop to lay and for the night. Except for the weird shell eggs (like the ones you mention) all the eggs are laid in their nest boxes in the coop. If the egg has a weird shell (ultra thin, jelly egg) it's almost always out of the box or on the floor of the coop or outside. It sortof reminds me of an "oops!".

I'm told chickens usual egg laying cycle is one egg every 24-26 hours. Sometimes, before their egg laying mechanism's really settled down, young hens will ovulate more than one egg yolk at a time. Sometimes each egg is fully developed (yolk, white and shell); or one is fully developed and the other is missing something (like the shell); sometimes one egg is a double-yolker; sometimes you get a humongous double yolker and also a tiny egg with only white inside the shell.

I really don't think it's because of the free ranging or the breed, though perhaps your FR's and my ISA Browns may be more susceptible to doing it. My feeling is it's because our birds are still young.
Hey thanks for your response you are right on with your thoughts...At least with my thoughts...HA-HA........

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