Questions about Mini Farms


7 Years
Oct 23, 2012
Rutherfordton NC
I was wondering.....What do you have to have to be considered a mini farm? Chickens? Garden? Small space? Im trying to figure out if what Im planning on doing is going to be considered one or not................ Thanks
We have 1 acre, but it's packed! We raise chickens for eggs and meat, breed turkeys for meat, and have about 20 to 30 head of sheep, at any given time. We also have a large garden area which usually provides us with many of our veg needs, both fresh and to put up. I say usually because this summer it got burned down by too much heat.

We supply almost all our meat needs, except pork and fish. We occasionally buy some beef, but the lamb is just so good we just don't miss it. I can fish the river for trout, and some day we hope to have a greenhouse for winter veg with aquaponic system to raise some kind of fish in there.

Our insurance lists us as a "hobby farm", but hey, we're serious! I prefer the British term of "small holding".

The definitions vary, based on what you're looking for here. Some local County zoning requires 10 acres, in a zoned Agricultural zoning to qualify. States like Michigan have a farm status, for tax purposes, based on the farm producing $1000 worth of livestock and/or crops per annum. This is just two examples of which one, either, or neither might apply to the same property otherwise.

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