Questions about my Buff Orpington...


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
Fort Bragg, Ca
Ok, so after looking at a lot of the pictures of the B.O.s on this site, it has me wondering about my "pullet". S/he is about 13-14 weeks old. Please tell me she is a SHE and not a HE! Thanks in advance for any imput! -Jen

(the cat startled "her")

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I am no expert, but my 12/13-week-old BO pullets have no comb or wattle development. Your bird has a fair amount of comb/wattles for 13/14 weeks. Again, I am not an expert, but I would begin to be curious as well....
NOT what I wanted at all
I had this happen with my bantam cochin too, and I had to give him up. I have been so paranoid that all of my chicks would become roos and now i am questioning my RIR too. Just my luck I guess.
I want to get a roo but my family don't want to hear crowing all the time, I would probably get tired of it after a while too. I love Buff Orpingtons, my one orpington hen is sweet and beautiful. :)
I love roosters (nice ones anyway), but we are not really allowed to have chickens in my town, so having 6 is more than a little breaking the law, so i don't want to push it with 2 roos. They are very sweet, and I raised them from 1 week old, so I don't want to rehome them, but I have no other choice. Can't really buy a farm just to keep 2 roos (although I tried talking the DH into it).

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