Questions about my quail egg


5 Years
Oct 7, 2014
This is my first time keeping quail (they are king quail) and have had them for about a month. When I went and had a look into there pen today, I saw and egg!! Just one though. I was wondering if my king quails will sit on their eggs and look after them, or do I have to incubate them or something. I tried to research about this but all that I could find was people saying that quails no longer sit on their eggs due to inbreeding or something like that, does this mean that I have to incubate them? Or will they hatch by themselves. Thanks for your help!
Oh yeah and I forgot to say that the mum isn't sitting on them
They are more likely than other breeds but they are swiftly losing the instinct to brood because of so many people breeding them so poorly. Let her lay 7-10 eggs then see if she sits. Don't remove her eggs and put her where she will be disturbed the least.

Birds never sit their eggs until they've laid a "clutch" (for king quail this will be 6-10 eggs) this way all the eggs start incubating at the same time and therefore hatch at the same time.

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