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    Apr 5, 2014
    Hello! I have a 20 week old (21 weeks on Sunday) Buff Brahma pullet as well as a Buff Orpington rooster the same age. Right now they have a primitive coop as we haven't finished the permanent one yet [​IMG]

    So little Mary is going start laying eggs pretty soon, if all goes as planned. Her waddles and comb are pretty red, but when ever my rooster tries to mount her she screams and runs away from him. She doesn't want ANY part of it. At all. Does this mean she won't lay eggs for a while? I haven't heard the egg song either.

    The other question is because they have a primitive coop (just an A-Frame on top of a wire square with grass access during the day:[​IMG]
    There aren't any nest boxes. Should I get a milk crate and put it in the bottom grass area? There isn't much room in the top for something like that. If I let them out at 6:30 in the morning, is that early enough that she could lay her eggs in it? What should I fill the milk crate in?

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    They always run, but he'll catch purpose of a nest box is so a hen has a quiet stress free spot to lay her eggs, I've had chickens hold over and lay 2 the next day because another hen was in their favorite box. They also don't necessarily lay in the morning. They can lay at various times of the day.
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    Yes, put a box with straw, shavings, nest pad, whatever you have, under the coop for her. That way she has a safe place to lay her eggs. I'd do it soon, before she starts laying all over the yard. Searching for eggs gets old really fast.

    Forgot to add, she'll lay eggs regardless of the rooster ever getting near her. My layers don't have a roo at all.
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