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    Mar 2, 2009
    Hi- I have a question about my chick. I am incubating , and just 1 egg is left in the bator. I still have 8 days before he hatches. I was wondering, when he hatches should he have a friend? Will he be lonely? I know this sounds wierd, but I know they are a flock bird. Should I purchase a couple chicks so he can have some flock mates. What would you do?
    Thanks ~Tacey
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    I would get it a couple buddies closer to hatch date
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    First how do you know He's a He? [​IMG]
    It will definitely be best to have at least three. That is unless you are going to be with them 24/7. If your just going to have a few and not breed, three hens would be good. They don't have to be the same breed either. If you do want chicks then one rooster to two hens would probably work out.
    Go to the public library and pick up every book you can on poultry and chickens. That will help.[​IMG]
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    I had a single Silkie Chick hatch about a month ago, and I had planned to get it a couple of friends, but TSC and all the feed stores were sold out of chicks, so I couldn't. I got a stuffed animal for it to cuddle with, but it would cry almost constantly, so I gave it away to a person who had chicks around the same age, because it didn't seem to be in pain, nor did it act sick, I could only figure it was lonely. I would definatley get it a friend or two, or you could try a stuffed animal, but little chickie friends would probably be better. and who doesn't want more cuteness!

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Thanks guys , I figured thats what I will have to do. Thanks for your responces. This is my 1st time incubating.(like you couldn't tell) I have had chickens before just never done this before. I started with 2 dz eggs and this was the only one that developed. Go figure. I will post pictures in 8 days when HE/SHE arrives. Thanks again~ Tacey

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