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So, I'm wanting to get pheasants, but there are a few things I don't know about them.

Firstly, would red-goldens, lady amherst, ect., pheasants survive in New York? Cold winters and hot summers?

Also, would they get along alright with out ducks and chickens, we have one austrolorpe rooster, 7 golden comet hens, and a ton of mallard ducks.

Also, would they stay home? We live on about 60-ish acres of land, most of which is either horse pasture or forest. And, really, I don't think I'd want to spend tons of money, just to watch the pheasants disapear. And, would we have to build a covered coop? Or would they refrain from flying away?

I'm only wanting to get two at most, one male and one hen. If I can't get the hen, then I'd like to at least get one male. Does a male need hens like a rooster (chicken) does, or can he be okay without hens, or with just one?

I'm not looking to eat or breed them, mostly just to show and as a hobby.

Really, what I want to know is if they'd stay home, and if they are really expensive to care for.

*Not ringnecks, Yellow-Goldens or some other oriental breed

Yes,pheasants do survive in most climates.There are plenty of people raising pheasants in N.Y.I even saw a camel there a few years back.
They can not be raised with chickens at all.They are very suseptible to diseases which chickens can past threw to pheasants.Ducks are okay as long as the pen is not saturated with water,they need to be dry.
They would not stay home at all,they will require a covered pen away from other poutlry.
You can raise all males in a pen as long as there are no hens around.So you could have 1 red golden male,1 yellow golden male,1 amherst male,1 siver male or 2 or 3 of each as long as there are no hens and their pen is big enough so they are not crowded.
They are not real expensive to raise,they do not eat as much as a chicken,but they do need a good gamebird feed,some fruits and veggies as treats and they love peanuts(unsalted),mealworms,crickets.
What part of N.Y. are you in?Maybe I can find someone near you that you can purchase birds from.
In N.H.,Tony.
I live in northern maine,I raise lady amherst and peach golden pheasants also mountain quail ,have not had any trouble with cold weather. you should be alright. I put plastic wrap around all my pens,also put inlots of shavings Doug
Red Goldens and Lady Amherst do very well in cold weather and will adadt to warm weather even in Texas with shade provided

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