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Feb 5, 2009
I've been hearing a lot about giving 'Polyvisol' to chicks, and I know it's a type of children's vitamin, but beyond those two facts, I'm clueless. Is it something I should just keep on hand in case they get sick to give them a 'boost' to their immune system, or is this something that I should be giving them everyday? I'll be giving them medicated chick starter, if that's of any consequence, and I will be getting them locally, not through the mail, so they won't be as stressed out by the traveling. Unless of course traffic is horrible, but, only so much you can do about that

Thanks for any advice you can give! My chicks are coming soon and I'm in a great panic to make sure everything is going to be perfect for them! Oh boy, so much to do


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Nov 9, 2007
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Polyvisol is actually a baby vitamin (as in human baby). If you want to keep some on hand in case of a weak chick it wouldn't hurt.
When my chicks arrived, I dipped their beaks in their water as I took them out of the shipping box and then set them down IN their feeder tray. All they needed was their feed and fresh water.
I didn't have a weak chick, so I can't advise you on dosage for the polyvisol.
Good luck!

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