Questions about run and coop floor cleaning

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    Apr 17, 2009
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    I'm brand new to this, I've been reading and reading, but I still have some questions! Actually, tons of questions! Thanks in advance for your help!
    We have five chicks that are currently about 6 days old and one chick about 13 days old. We are building their coop and trying to decide what to do about their run. Where we are putting them, the ground right now is just dirt with some weeds, which I think the chicks would like until it gets rainy and snowy and then we would have a muddy mess. I've been reading about the sand runs, which sounds better to me than the straw. But I you add anything to the straw so they have something to peck at and eat, or to scratch around and eat??
    Also, we are planning on either using a cement paint or linoleum on the floor. Do we put either straw or pine shavings - how deep - and do I clean everything I put down once a week and replace it all? Or do I just take the top layer off and replace it?
    Thanks! Robin
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    Quote:Well we are here to help, if I can help.
    Sand will be great for the run, straw it will make more mess when it is pooped on and get wet then it stink, sand you can rake it and poo will be scooped out, straw is bad.
    shaving is very good for bedding, (make sure it is pine shaving no cedar) and put it about 6' and rake the poop like 2 times a week and you do not to change the whole thing but once every 6 weeks.

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    I have sand in my run, and I am happy with it so far. Drains any water out of the run great.
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    You know what, you can clean the coop any way you like. Everyone has their own style. "Best" depends so much on situation and personality that I'm not going to recommend anything over anything else... just experiment and see what you end up preferring [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,


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