Questions about shipping and pricing hatching eggs.

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    I have 3 Barred Rock roosters and 24 pullets and have been advertising and selling hatching eggs and have specified 'local pickup only' but have recently had several phone calls asking if I would ship the hatching eggs. I just don't see how it could be cost effective for me to ship them even if I charge enough to cover the postage there is still the painstaking packaging, trips to the post office, etc.

    I've been selling my BR ( these are not show quality birds but good looking production birds from Meyer - great layers as I get
    22 eggs per day consistently from 24 pullets ) hatching eggs from the farm - local pickup - for $ 6 per dozen. I live in north Georgia. Does that seem like a reasonable price or too high or too low. I'm a newbie to selling the hatching eggs so would
    welcome some feedback.

    For those of you who do ship your eggs, please share your thoughts and experiences if you would. Any input is appreciated.
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    May 18, 2011
    I charge a MINIMUM of $1 per egg and $10 a dozen. Now that would be my RIR x NH. I will charge more for my other breeds. $25 in going to be my max for some breeds till I work on them an improve what I have.

    If you ship and still charge $6 a dozen you should charge a packing fee cuz you will not be making any money. Find out how long it takes to pack 12 eggs and figure out what your time is worth. That would be you packing fee. Just my two cents worth.

    I don't ship yet.
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    May 12, 2009
    I haven't sold any eggs yet, hopefully soon. But I buy them for $30-$50.
    Im getting 2 dozen eggs sent to me in a few days, the shipping for that cost me $25.
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    Aug 14, 2011
    Quote:how much was it total for eggs and shipping...i might be getting some phinox eggs from texas they will cost me a total of $45 so thats $30 for the eggs(dozen) plus $15 for shipping. i live in louisiana and i will be getting these from texas if i get them. it also depends on the quilety of your chickens. if you try the shipping you will need to make some phone calls and find out what paper work will be needed to ship. then theres the weighing of the package plus everything you use to package the eggs, which you will want to package them very well so they dont get broken.

    the eggs i received were packaged great. each indiviadule egg had a wrap of paper towel (once around with no extra and not bigger than the egg) plus a double lawyer of bubble wrap tapped placed in a double egg carton ( top with a bottom in it and the top was a bottom over wrapped eggs then another top) this was taped shut and wrapped in bubble wrap then placed in a very sturdy box with extra bubble wrap on each side of the wrapped egg cartons to prevent the cartons from moving around.

    packing is one of the important things in shipping to make sure your eggs arrive safly to their destantion and not destroyed...fertility is never gureenteed as to many factors are invovled po handling xrays temp ect

    edit: although you package them great they may still get broken
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    a lot of how to price eggs will determine on the quality of the breeding stock.. the rarity of the breed.. as well as the demand for that type of bird..

    i would expect to pay more for a heritage good quality type than I would for a hatchery common breed
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    Quote:Do you mean that you pay $30 to $50 for the eggs plus shipping or that your total for eggs and
    shipping is that amount?


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