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  1. Sizhasasilke

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    Nov 3, 2013
    1.can you bath silkies? if yes what age can you start? many breeds are there?

    3. how to tell if your silkie is a boy or girl?

    4. is their a special type of food for silkies? rooster silkies crow a lot

    Thank you!
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    [​IMG] silkies are very difficult to sex before the age of 4-5 mos., or when they either lay eggs or crow - whichever comes first. You can bathe silkies but, that is not generally needed unless they get into a heap of a muddy mess. Usually by the time mud has dried it has fallen off of them.

    Some roosters are loud crowers, some are not, it's an individual matter. Silkies can eat what other chickens eat, - starter feed when young, layer feed when about to start laying eggs, etc.

    Silkies are ONE breed, with different varieties. A SHOWGIRL (same name for male or female) has the feathers of a silkie with, the naked neck of their turken ancestry.- they are a variety of the silkie breed.

    You will find out this and much, much more - if you post on the one or all of the several silkies threads on BYC. There is even a thread for grooming and bathing your silkie for show.

    You could try typing "Silkie thread," in the search box.
  3. Sizhasasilke

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    Nov 3, 2013
    thank you
  4. Aaisha

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    x2 i haven't had expierience with silkies myself but i have learned alot from others on the silkie thread and i would recomend it to other new with silkies persons so i would recomend it to you so you can get tones of info from there. oh and [​IMG]
  5. Sonoran Silkies

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    1. Yes, bathe when they need to be cleaned--any age, just be careful not to drown them or chill them.

    2. well, there are largefowl in other countries, so I suppose that is two breeds; never really thought of it that way. There are 16 ABA recognized and 14 APA recognized varieties. Bearded and non-bearded in white, black, blue, splash, buff, partridge, grey and self-blue for ABA. APA does not recognize non-bearded splash or self-blue. Show-girl have a qualifying meet in December, and if approved will double the number of recognized varieties, as they are looking to have the naked neck approved as a variation for all existing varieties.

    3. wait for an egg or a crow; generally between 8-10 months, but sometimes not for a full year or more.

    4. a good quality food; higher in protein that some brands tend to be. At east 18% for adults, 21 or better for young birds, breeding birds or those in molt.

    5. yes, but crowing depends (for all breeds) more on the individual bird and the makeup of your flock than on the breed.
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