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    Ok,, I am aware of "turtle math" as we have 6 turtles. I'm aware of Ferret math.. as we have 4 ferrets (use to have 13). I have 5 kids soo figure that out!!.
    but Now that I'm started on Chicken math!!!!!!!.. I use to Joke with hubby about how i'd not mind having chickens, to collect fresh eggs from. but I never thought I'd seriously have any.
    In Struts "chick chick" our Visitor Chicken. we found it humorous when she started to visit. not knowing she intended on moving in lol. She saw Real estate and took it HAHAHAH, The chicken gods musta heard me say "it be nice to have chickens". cause they sent me 11 baby chicks along with Chick chick.

    HENCE why I join this forum.. beacuse I know nothing about Raising or keeping chickens. this was a venture just Placed in my lap by the chicken gods. *CLUCK CLUCK OH MIGHTY CHICKEN GOD*

    SO I join BYC!! and I see references to "Silk's" now this sparks my curiosity, so I typed it in my search bar and up pops pics of these Amazing looking birds!! almost Fairytail like.. I can't get over how amazing they are!!!. now I WANT SOME!!!!!! I would SOOOOO LOVE to have a breeding pair!!. to have adoreable lil fluffy puffs of feathers!!!.. but my question is

    will they get along with our new Resident hen? Can a silky rooster Sire with a Normal West.whaatever it is Hen!?
    This is something I'd like to thinka bout down the road, Esp if i can manage to build me a decent run. I may not "Free range" the silks.. so I could easy have a Hen and Rooster of one.. but let my other hen and rooster free run my yard. but I want to "have my eggs in one basket" to say. as These lil Chicklets we have here are just so much fun.. I can't waite to welcome more to watch grow. and mabey even someday build a incubator and hatch some ourselfs. I just am terrified I'll do somthing wrong.. mabey I should start out with taking 2 eggs and see what happens lol...
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    silkies are nice chickens! get some!!
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    A silkie rooster will try to 'sire' whatever hen will let him, no matter the size of the hen.

    A lot of breeders do not let the silkie chickens free range. The crest on the birds cause them to not be able to see well, and they do not see predators coming.

    Silkies do not fly, so they cannot fly from a predator either.

    A lot of information can be found on the silkie thread.
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