Questions about the automatic egg turner?


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Jul 18, 2008
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So we just added the automatic egg turner to our styrofoam incubator and I have a few questions. Now how does this workout if you set eggs at different times in there? Do you turn off the egg turner 3 days before the hatch and if so what about the other eggs I have put in there to hatch at a later date? Or can I just take out the eggs that are suppose to hatch and put them in a box with a light at same temps as the incubator?
Most people doing split hatches have a separate box to move those due to hatch into. To clarify, move them into the "hatching" box about day 18.
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3 days before the hatch you have to stop this point you should remove the egg turner tray from the incubator. Hatching chicks could get caught in it and it's messy, etc. If you don't have a separate box for the hatch then you will just have to turn the younger eggs by hand. I know that the humidity is supposed to be raised for the last 3 days so you'll have to work around that somehow, too. I don't have a suggestion for that.

Good luck!
most egg turners you can take rows out.. at least mine you you can keep the younger eggs in the turner, remove 2-3 rows and put the ready to hatch eggs on that part..
I have quail and chicken eggs in mine the quail hatch sooner so I'm going to take them all out of the turner and put them in lock down earlier then when the quail hatch give them 1 last turn and lockdown again.
I feel stupid, I never actually thought about taking rows out.
I feel stupid, I never actually thought about taking rows out.

LOL it hit me one day, I was like I wonder.. so I just looked at the turner and vala you can remove rows.. boy was I happy..LOL

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