Questions about using netting


6 Years
Mar 12, 2017
I have two quick questions about using netting - the kind most people put on their gardens to keep birds, deer, etc. out.

1. my ducks and chickens will be sharing a 16x10 building with a large run on each side. I am putting a wall in the middle. It’s three feet tall with hardware cloth so far, so they can all see each other but not touch. I thought about using netting for the top part, but do you think any of the birds would fly into it and get stuck or hurt?

2. My runs are about 6.5 feet tall. I don’t have roofs on them yet. Our main predator is a Fox that comes around all hours of the day. Would the same kind of net be a sufficient roof at that height? I eventually want to create a hardware cloth roof but I want to get the birds in their new homes ASAP so I wasn’t sure if that would be too risky…
I don't know about the jumping ability of foxes.

As far as using netting on a dividing wall, if it's stretched fairly taut (not overly tight, which can cause snapping) and secured well around the perimeter, it should be fine. Loose or dangling netting is what would cause risk of tangling.

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