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    I'm looking to start my flock in the Spring. I originally had thought I wanted to start with 4 or so different breeds, but I'm thinking since I'm doing heritage that might be complicated to keep the roosters away from the hens of a different breed. Would it be better to have just one breed when dealing with heritage flocks?
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    What are your goals? If you just want them for eggs, then you don't need any roosters at all. If you want to breed and sell purebred chicks, then you will need 4 separate coops, each with their own run. If you don't mind mixed breed chicks, then you can let them all live together. It just depends on what your goals for your flock are.
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    It is easiest to concentrate on the characteristics and selection factors of a single breed, or just a few very similar breeds. Most of the most successful breeders are devoted to just 1-2 breeds. But most beginning breeders do try several breeds before settling on the one(s) that suits them best. Everyone takes a different route. My most important advice would be to put in your infrastructure before getting your birds. Chickens don't thrive if they don't have enough room, and chicks grow so fast!
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    I have issues with making decisions lol, so I have a bit here, a bit there..

    I have a laying flock in a contained pasture with the only rooster being a Silkie, that way my layers aren't bugged all the time, plus I have silkies for my daughter's, so they can get Silkie chicks that way; no mistaking silkie eggs :D

    For my free rangers, I went with mediterranean breeds. Right now I have Ancona and Hamburgs, with a smattering of Buttercups and a couple of Australorps and a Blue Andalusian Rooster. I also have a Hamburg rooster.

    Come spring my plan is to split off all the Hamburgs to keep a pure bloodline, and cross Mr. Blue with the Australorps and Anconas, just to see if I can't get some blue splash Anconas ;)

    What my thought was there, was I have 4 mini flocks, and I will for sure have at least some purebreds, and some hybrids to mess with :)

    Depends on what your ultimate goal is. Mine is pretty egg layers, and intriguing yard caretakers/ornaments lol :D
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    Hi, [​IMG]
    Yup, you got it right. 1-2 breeds is best. If you are starting with high quality birds, then you can figure one in ten will be worthy of breeding/showing. ( that's a huge number of chicks to raise if you have more than 1-2 breeds.) The rest you can sell on Craigslist to folk who just want eggs or meat birds. If you need help deciding on a breed or locating top quality birds in a breed, sign onto the BYC forum Heritage Large Fowl Phase II. This board was originally started by the late and sadly lamented excellent teacher and veteran breeder Bob Blosl. It was Bob's intent to have place where folks could get quality education on heritage large fowl breeds. Help in making a decision which breed(s) they wanted. And help locating and obtaining the finest bloodlines in their chosen breed(s). Everyone there is friendly and helpful. It's my "home thread". From veteran elite breeders to novices, everyone will help you get started on your way and be there for you if you need help or advice. For me, that thread epitomizes what BYC is all about. Come on over and jump on in. Smile.
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