Questions on Coop and Run


7 Years
May 24, 2012
I am still modifying my coop and run and have some questions.
1. Did you paint the inside of your coop? Pros and cons to either way? If you did paint what type did you use and did you have any problems with it chipping or peeling?

2. How high can chickens fly up to get to their roost? I'm trying to figure out if I need to make a ladder for them or not.

3. I am planning to fence in a large yard/run for them. I've read a lot of people fill their run with sand or different bedding materials. Is that necessary? I have a mix of grass, weeds and dirt in the area I am fencing and thought it would be good for them to be able to eat what they find in there.

4. What fencing material would you recommend for the large yard? It is going to be big and I was thinking about making it 6 ft high. Should I put wire over the top, too? I am sure we will have issues with predators so I think it is important to cover but am not sure what I should use. There is 1 medium sized tree in the enclosure that butts up to the barn so I cant cover the whole thing but I could cover a majority of it. Because of this, is it pointless to try to cover it at all?

Im attaching this silly picture to give you an idea of what Im talking about.
This was taken a few weeks ago so it is hard to see the tree... so I drew it in! And traced the approximate border of the fence we're planning.

I think covering it is going to cost an arm and a leg. Is there a cheaper alternative to hardware cloth for the top? How far should I have the support posts for the center of the yard?

Thanks for any input!
I did do not paint the inside of coop

They can fly pretty good I don't think you will have a problem of them not reaching the roost

I don't fill mine with anything they will scratch up all grass and plants until there is just dirt how long this takes depends on how many chickens you have so I put straw in the run if it gets muddy

be careful with that tree it just makes it easy for predators to get in and chickens to get out. I have a 6 ft fence and some of my chickens can still fly out I do not have my run covered and I am not going to cover it. My chickens free range alot. Use fencing that you like I mostly have chain link but some square fencing too. I just make sure the wire is not big enought that the chickens can squeeze out

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