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  1. happybooker1

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    So far the hens are making little depressions in the shavings and just laying eggs on the floor. Is this 'bad'? Do I need to retrain them to an actual nest? I only have 5 Bantams & a Serema so we're not talking lots of hens here.

  2. Judy

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    Perhaps the nests are a little high? If they have just started laying, they may start using the nests when they get adjusted to laying eggs. Many people put a golf ball or plastic Easter egg (put some sand in it) in nests to encourage them to lay there. I picked up a few golf balls at a dollar store.
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    It's not bad unless the eggs are getting really dirty or broken. If they eggs aren't gross, and it doesn't bother you that they lay on the floor, then I see no reason to force them to change.

    We have 14 nestboxes, and the hens use them all. BUT about once a week maybe 12 of them will lay under the boxes. I don't know why. Hens are weird. [​IMG]

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