Questions on Showing Silkies


Sep 14, 2008
Lincoln, CA
I've been going over my Silkies in prep for the coming Hollister & Stockton shows & I noticed some things that I need some advice on. Of course, what better place than BYC!!!

1. Some of my Silkies have missing nails & I know they were okay a couple of months ago. I think one of them could be due to a case of scaly leg mites that I didn't notice in time, but I'm not sure about the others. I suspect that it's due to mud balls that form at the end of their toes & then harden like cement. I tried pulling one off once & it took the nail with it. Anyway, my question is - If a Silkie has a missing nail, is that a DQ, points off, or do judges ignore it?

2. I just noticed that my gorgeous black cockerel has a 3rd toe on his left foot that isn't straight. It curves slightly to the right. Either I missed it when he was a chick or else he has somehow broken it. Again, is that a DQ, minus points, or doesn't really matter?

Thank you so much for any help.


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