questions on sleeping chickens update w/pic


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13 Years
Jun 11, 2009
okay i have 5 chickens,
they seem to roost in the same order. is this normal? i would go in and say my goodnights to my girls, and they all seem to be in some kinda order?
when they are all sleeping that is.
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really so interesting, so when its time for them to go up on the roost, they follow order? wow smarty pants they are
Yeah. Your top hen has figured out the "best spot." It's usually the highest point. What's left usually goes to the next highest hen on the pecking order etc.

It's really silly, but it's VERY important to them. :)
I've heard this before, so I check out my coop at bedtime. It seems the only ones with a regular spot in my coops are the 3 roosters. All the other 50+ hens seem to be all over the place. They stay in the same general area, but no specific spot on the roosts.
course this could all take atleast till i get out of work, drive home, change my work clothes, take the photo, download the photo, oh i hope i can do this! tonight anyways!

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