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Jan 19, 2013
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I have 3 eight week old turkeys that are currently in a big cage in my house. Now that they're bigger, I've been taking them outside for field trips while I watch over them. I assumed they were all hens, but you never know, right?

Ok, here's the question. The first time they were let out, my dog came over to watch them. The black turkey started this low wings, pulled back head strutting thing. After a few minutes the white one did it too but not to the degree the black one did SO does this behavior mean the black one is a tom? or was this more of a defense thing because the dog was there?

Today when I let them out, none of them did this when the dog was near. In fact, they were so interested in the dog they were hanging out under him when he stood nearby.

Thoughts? Frankly, I want them all to be hens and I certainly don't want TWO toms!!! :)
It could have been strutting or a defense pose. The way you describe It it sounds like possibly the black one was strutting and the white was on alert. Either way that is no indication of sex. Toms and hens both can strut though only some hens will. You should be able to tell their sex by 12 weeks of age using phisical characteristics.
Thanks! That's kind of what I figured since it's only happened the first time the dog came near. Today, they were following the dog around.

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