Questions on treating impacted crop


hillbilly extraordinaire
Mar 31, 2022
Missouri Ozarks
Where can I get the tiny syringe? I've checked 4 stores and can't find it.
How long can a 10 week old go without food? I have given her a little here and there.
Any tips for getting that last stubborn bit to budge? We're so close but I'm on day 4 or 5 and getting frustrated.
I'm using oil and massage which seems to help. Tried Epsom salt flush and ducolax with little success.
1 ml syringes without a needle are available usually free from most pharmacies to give medicine to babies and animals. I asked for one and the Walmart clerk gave me a couple. Have you tried chilled coconut oil cut into small pieces to offer your chicken? Be sure to not use Dulcolax laxative, but only doccusate sodium stool softeners. Most are generic or under the Colace brand. The Dulcolax brand can be confusing.

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