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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Eveyander, May 17, 2011.

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    Apr 5, 2011
    So the more I read through everyones threads the more questions I have about ducks.... Like when do they get their big duck feathers in?? We got chickens and ducks at the same time and belive that they are about the same age since we got them a day or 2 after our feed store got them in. We belive they are about 3 months old and all our chickens have their big girl feathers in but our ducks still seem to have some of their baby down feathers. I can see where their full feathers are coming in but it does worry me that they are not fully covered yet. Also I was wondering if ducks lay eggs lik a chicken w/out needeing a male or do they need a male to lay eggs?? Another question is if they do lay eggs like chickens w/out the male when do they start to lay eggs?? I posted some pics up a while back ago asking what kind of ducks I have and found out I might possibly have a blue swedish, 2 mallards or 1 mallard and one Rouen, 1 runner, 1 kaki cambell, 1 pekin, and 1 cayunga-black duck if this info makes any diff in egg laying times. Thanks in advance for the help!!!

    Here is a pic of my ducks with some of my chicks.
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    hello no its not a worry some ducks just take a bit longer to develop full feathers and no they dont need a drake to lay eggs they need a drake to make the eggs fertile but not to lay eggs and the might begin to lay anytime between 21 to 26 weeks of age depends wat time of the year it is hope this helps [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Your Khaki Campbell will start laying around 6mo. old- they start laying younger then the other ducks. The Khaki's can lay up to 300 eggs a yr.
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    With regards to feathers, generally I've read ducks are fully grown at 16 weeks, feathers and all, and mine ducks have gone by that. That gives you another month yet! [​IMG] By the look of them in that photo, it seems like it's mainly fluffy heads and necks, which I always noticed seemed to be the last fluffy bits on my ducks too! [​IMG]

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