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    We obtained a breeding trio of serama from a breeder at a local poultry swap last year. We also got 6 other serama hens from a different breeder within the same month. We decided that we wanted to start trying to hatch some of our eggs out this year. I currently have 4 in the incubator (Brinsea mini advance) that are due to hatch out next week. About 4 days after I put eggs in the incubator, one of our hens went broody and is currently sitting on 4 more eggs. This is our first time trying to hatch anything out, so it has become quite a learning curve.

    Someone asked if I would consider selling some of the fertile eggs, however they had a question I don't know how to answer that I'm sure if I were to be seriously breeding and selling I should know (which was not the plan). They are asking what lines my chicks consist of. I'm not sure how to answer this as I am just unknowledgeable about everything at this point. Any help and advice would be appreciated. As I progress and do more research I would eventually love to get into serious breeding. However, we are fairly new to chickens. We started with 6 RIR 2 years ago, added 2 americaunas, built another coop when I found the serama breed last year and are currently building yet another about chicken math...

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