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Mogul Moonshine

Nov 6, 2020
i have been thinking about getting an incubator. And I have some questions.
1. are call ducks hard to hatch
2. what about seramas
3. best places to buy eggs place to sell extra chicks
1. are call ducks hard to hatch- They can be, if shipped, but for the most part as long as proper temps and humidity are maintained, not especially.
2. what about seramas- I have only hatched seramas one or two times? Both times I got excellent hatches from shipped eggs.
3. best places to buy eggs- The best place to buy eggs in my opinion are from small, private, NPIP breeders, but there are several options, even ebay and facebook groups. place to sell extra chicks-The same places you buy generally you can sell. Local ad's and farm swaps also.

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