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    OK, years ago when we lived in WA and hatched all of our own brids (ducks, turkey, geese, chickens...) we had a duck hide a clutch from us and hatch them out herself. We had great mama's so it was no biggie, our dad just liked doing it himself...anyways they were mallards and once they got to be about the age to start getting feathers we came out one morning to feed them and every last one was dead in the water dish (one of those heavy duty shallow black ones that are like 18 inches across and 4 inches deep) and we never knew what happened. Is this something that happens to ducks??? DO they all drown together? Also, do the drakes often attack the new ducklings cause ours would flip them over on their backs and peck thier belly till the baby died if we didnt keep them seperate.
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    Oct 2, 2008
    Well, my dominant female duck went after the babies in the back yard the other day. They are 4 and 3 weeks old. I was with them so they could explore and play in the pond so I chased her off, but she wanted at them big time. The drake has also stalked them, but he isn't very brave around people, so wont get close to them with me there.
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    I doubt that they drowned, more likely that they got wet thru and chilled. other ducklings might have heard their distress peeps and went to huddle with them (they do that when chilled) chilled ducks don't last long... Was the mother there? she would have been their best hope as her big body could throw out the heat they needed. Just my opinion.
    second question yes drakes are known to kill ducklings so are usually kept out of the brooding area. In the wild they often go off together looking for more females to mate. One theory is that the ducks won't mate when they have young to raise but become more willing to replace the young when lost. just a theory...~gd
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    Good to know. I cant see my Lovey Sax being mean to any babies the stupid hen might have with him... but good to know none the less! I cant remember, the dead ducklings were like 12 years ago and I have always wondered. But wouldnt a duckling that is old enough to feather know not to go to sleep in the water tank!?!
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    When they get chilled it hits them fast and it might have been too weak to get out. I don't allow my ducks to swim without me until they have feathers~gd

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