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    This may not be the place to post this and if not please move to the right locale. Thank You!

    Hay or Straw?? What's the difference and what's the best?? I did see the post on the surgery.

    I have 2 sets of chicks. One in a brooder box in the house(standards and bantams) that are going on 4 weeks and one set in the barn that are 9 (polish) and 7(silkies and frizzles) weeks old. I have put a piece of plexyglass down the middle of my brooder box(in the house) so I could intergrate the chicks and let them get accustomed to one another without touching eachother. How long should I keep them seperated?

    How long should the ones in the barn be quarintened (sp)?? They have been seperated for 2 weeks with no signs of anything. All happy eating and drinking.

    Edit to add: I use pine shavings in my boxes but wanted to use hay/straw in the coop when we move them.

    Thank you for all comments and post!
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    Straw is better than hay...hay molds quicker and holds dampness, plus they can get impacted crop from it......I would watch Straw too it can harbor bugs of all sorts like mites and lice....

    I use wood shavings in my coop.....cheaper here...

    Quarantine should last a month....

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