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    Apr 3, 2008
    Our cheeps will be 3 months old on July 7th...

    We have a total of 29...they are currently really going thru the feed..we have them on the starter/grower that they have been on the entire time...we are wondering if there is a "normal" amount that they normally go thru?? We are going thru a bag every 6 cost wise about $60 a this typical? If so thats fine but I don't want to be "overfeeding" them either...we fill the feeder in the morning and again in the evening...

    How soon would you switch them to the next it ok to give them that as well as "scratch"...

    Crumbles..what is this??

    Looking for a nice smooth transistion for them and I want to make sure we do things right [​IMG]

    Thanks, Jen
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    May 24, 2007
    Hi Jen! I leave Start and Grow out free choice 24/7 for my chicks. Yes, they sure do go through it fast -- but, when you look at how amazingly quickly they grow from fuzzy butts to adult chickens it's no wonder with the amount of food they eat.

    Continue with the Start and Grow until they are laying age (about 17 to 20 weeks). If nobody has started to lay at 20 weeks then switch over to layer pellets at 20 weeks old. If someone lays before that, switch them all over at that point. (Sex-links generally lay around 17 to 18 weeks but most others wait until 20 weeks or later)

    Are they free ranging or on the ground at all now? If so, that can help with them not eating so much purchased feed. If they aren't then you need to give them access to feed always.

    Do not feed scratch in hot weather - it's a cold weather TREAT only. Scratch is not a feed ... it's basically like candy for us. It does help them keep warmer in the winter which is why it's good to give them some before bedtime, I also throw out a hand full on cold winter mornings for mine.

    Crumbles is just another form of feed. I personally don't like it as the chickens tend to waste more crumbles than pellets as it's smaller and easier to find it's way out of the feeder and onto the floor. There's nothing wrong with it at all ... it's just a personal preference on which you like.

    Sounds like you are doing great!! Keep it up.

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