Quiche LaRoo broke my first egg! :(

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    Jan 1, 2010
    This past friday morning I got my first egg from one of my 21 week olds!!!!....I am totally excited as I had been on a 10 day vacation and was so afraid I would miss this milestone in my chicken obsession....I was in a hurry getting ready to leave for an agility trial with my dogs and I heard the 'egg song' - I have heard it a few times before but never this loud or long - so I go out to the coop and find my 'Scramble' my SLW has laid an egg in the chips on the floor of the coop - Quiche LaRoo was with her and he was just a singin away! I run back in the house to get the camera to take a pic before I remove it and in less than a minutes time the brat has broken it! Needless to say 'Scramble' was a bit put out!


    But not to be too sad - she has laid an egg every morning since - of course my husband is wondering what I will do with them as they are rather small! I said we will wait til we have 4 of them before we have our celebratory egg breakfast!

    Here are Scramble's donations from Sat and Sun:


    (I thought it a bit weird that my roo sings the egg song but was told that is normal - I thought due to the fact he is bullied by the larger roo that he has been beaten into submission and wants to be a girl!!! LOL!)

    Let the omelets begin!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

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    Apr 18, 2010
    This is like a sad story with a happy ending!! And those eggs look wonderful! Congratulations on reaching such a grand milestone!

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