Quick and easy $1. poop free waterer

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    I'm sure others have made these or something very similar. I just wanted to share this idea just in case no one else had. I like these ones because they hang and fit in small areas and are perfect for brooders. My latest group of chicks is particularly obsessive when it comes to soiling water. I found myself cleaning the water hourly [​IMG]

    The only part I purchased new was the water nipple. They cost about 4-5 dollars for a 4 pack. The plumbers tape was previously unused, but I had it on hand.

    You will need:
    A mayo jar or other plastic jar with screw on lid.
    A zip tie.
    A drill
    A 3/8 drill bit
    A small drill bit
    1 water nipple
    plumbers tape.

    1. Drill 2 holes in the top of you jar lid with the small drill bit. They must be big enough for your zip tie to pass through.

    2. Drill one 3/8th hole in the center bottom of your jar.

    3. Wrap threaded end of water nipple in plumbers tape and screw into the hole in the bottom of the jar.

    4. Feed zip tie through the holes in the top of the jar to make a hanging loop, do not tighten all the way down.

    5. Hang jar by twine (or other string) where accessible by chickens (this was easy for me since my brooder light hangs from and old drying rack positioned above the brooder box).

    6. For filling just unscrew the top of the jar, refill and refasten the jar to the top.

    Hope people found this helpful![​IMG]



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    May 2, 2013
    Great idea and much cheaper than the water bottles that go in rabbit or hamster cages.

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