quick easy off and on ways to section off my coop

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    Hi. I have a coop with a giant run that need to keep my ducks in (they are easy target for the coyotes). My chickens can fly and are super speedy. They are used to free roaming but I have been hesitant to let them free roam since 2 of my ducks disappeared a couple of months ago. I am looking for an easy way to section off my coop so the ducks can get in from the run through the back door while my chickens who would be free roaming can come in through the front door. In other words, need to let the chickens in the coop through the front door but not the ducks out the front door. Hope this is not confusing!!! In the picture below, to the left of the ducks, you see the back door that now opens to the run. The bottom picture shows the front door that I want the chickens to go in and out of. The walled off section I'd like to create needs to be easy to gather up in case I want to clean the coop or if I decide the chickens cant go out the front door.


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    Yes it's kind of confusing...or it might just be me.

    Coop has front door for chickens and back door for ducks....so put up a wall between them in the coop and the run.
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    Usually when keeping both ducks and chickens they will have separate coops or at least sectioned off quarters. If possible, I would section off the coop and even the large run so that the ducks and chickens have their own areas. This way you can choose to only free range the chickens (since they can have a dedicated pop door) or the ducks or both.

    You can try a pop door up high that the chickens need to fly up to for access if you don't want to section off areas. Not sure if that will work well since the ducks may be able to fly up as well. I high up access door may not be ideal if the chickens need to take cover from a storm or such.

    Interesting that you feel your ducks are easy prey for the coyotes but the chickens are not. We have coyotes in our area as well but they tend to stay clear since we have a dog pack within our fenced perimeter.

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    I wouldn't put a wall between the two, I would simply put a high pop hole that must be flied to to access for the chickens.

    In my coop I had to put up temporary walls on occasion......

    I have tried just a wall of net. I used sticks to weigh down the edges. It worked relatively well, but not perfectly.

    Right now I am using a piece of mostly stiff plastic fencing as a divider/door. It mostly and usually works, but not always. I nailed up the top edge and the rest hangs down, but it doesn't like hanging very smoothly.

    I think that if you want a fool-proof partition then you need to make a wood frame and fill it with chicken wire. So, make it like a bunch of screen doors that stay in place in whatever way is easiest to rig it.

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