Quick Last Minute Lock-Down Questions


9 Years
Jul 17, 2010
I have 38 Lavender Orpingtons in the incubator. 18 are set to go into lock down tomorrow and the rest on Friday. I have hatched a ton of birds before, but i paid a lot of money for these and they were shipped so I think I only have about 20 developing and want to make sure that I get every one to hatch that's still alive. Anyways I was wondering if there were any last minute tips, like should I hatch them in an egg carton or on a paper plate. I only ask because I have had guineas that got turned over because of the other chicks running around and got their beak down into the water tray some how and soaked up water and drowned itself. Thanks
I really like hatching in egg cartons--sooooo much less stressfull then watching the "early birds" play egg soccer with their slower hatch mates. I also cover the wire with a piece of rubber shelf liner because between the cartons and the shelf liner clean up is super easy AND it provides great footing for the little ones so the chance of spraddle leg is reduced. Happy hatching!!
Should I put them with the little point up or down? Sorry, I know probably a stupid question, but I've never hatched that way before
They go pointy side down--air cell is (well, usually) at the round end and that is where most of them will pip. I cut the cartons down so I can see most of the egg and I do break the lock-down rules a bit if If I see one has pipped on the wrong end. If that happens I bump the heat and humidty up in the bathroom and slide the lid off just long enough to pull the egg out of the carton and lay it on its side. I figure being used for a soccer egg is better then trying to hatch upside down. I've only had two do that and both made it out of the shell just fine.

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