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Mar 26, 2011
Southwest New Hampshire
I'm planning to mount my nest box (single box, only have 2 hens) on one wall of the coop.What's the minimum it should it be off the floor, so that floor space is not lost - in other words, so the chickens can walk under it comfortably? The height of a chicken, higher/lower? I want to put it under a window, but I'm not sure there's enough room there to not lose floor space.
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I was wondering the same thing
The height is not critical for the most part. If it is very high....like 4' plus you'll probably need a perch on the front for them to jump up on before they go in. The most critical issue is the roosts should be higher than the nest boxes. If the nests are higher they will roost there and get the nests dirty. Roosts should be higher, past that, I'd go taller than your hens or maybe twice their grown height...
I have the nest boxes on the floor with no problem. Since my only roost at night and hang outside or underneath the coop all day, so I don't need the extra space. You need 1 nest box. If you don't want to build nest box, any paper box that big enough will do the trick as long as the front entry 3" high.
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