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May 4, 2009
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A friend of mine just brought me some geese. The lady said they were about three months old. One seems fine but one seems kind slow moving with lazy eyes and both of them are kinda holding their wings down a little. The one that is acting the worse is kinda drooling. I have never had geese and have never been around them. When I put feed(purina flock raiser) in front of them they go crazy and eat like pigs. They drink water too but not as much as I feel they should eating all that dry food. Any thoughts?
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I don't know anything about geese but you should try to post in the geese forum (under index). I'm sure someone could help you there. Good luck.
They sound like they are too hot. Could that be the issue. I would just keep giving them plenty of water, maybe put some sort of electrolytes, vitamins in it. You can put sugar or gatorade for extra energy. Keep a close eye on them for any other symptoms that may pop up. Do you have other poultry? You may want to keep them isolated until you are sure they are healthy. I see you are in GA and the weather has been hot lately. That could be all it is. Good luck
we lost some geese to Flipover or sudden death syndorme last year. We had two beautiful African Geese.

We were quaretined by the state vet as they thought it was Avain Flu or Newcastle. It was neither...but no serious cause..

I looked it up in google got this info, have a look and then call a local vet? Its the only way Im afraid....

try pedialite for hydration, Im so sorry you are seeing your geese like this, It really is heartbreaking when you can't do anything.

try these links



other option I read about is poisoning? Could they have eaten something they shouldn't have? Are they drinking form a natural water source that may be contaminated? Is there lead in the local environment? Could they have found some lead shot???

let me know what you find... hope this helped a little?
I have only had them about an hour. When they got to my house, I put them in with my ducks, before I remembered i needed to keep new birds seperate. So I did. I noticed that the goose was acting tired and was panting. when in their new pen, he started drinking like crazy. I went back in the house for about 20 mins and looked out and he was on his back. What do I do?
Anybody else? Im needing some Help:barnie

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