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I really do wonder about the influence of a rooster on a flock.
At the moment, I will not be having a rooster due to all the horror stories I've read about the noise *although I love the sounds!*.

Thinking on it, I'm starting to wonder if it would be worth it having a roo. So, can you just tell me all about them?

Does a roo increase the chance of a hen going broody?
Does a roo increase the amounts of predators?
Does the presence of a roo affect a hen's personality? I've heard that a roo can settle them, make them anxious, or doesn't bother them at all.

Thanks in advance! If you have any questions or comments, I'd really like to read them!
Hi there,

I have had flocks with and without roos and can't say that the hens are too effected either way. The biggest difference for the hens is tolerating being mounted at any point in their day.
Sometimes a lady can get her feathers worn by an overly enthusiastic roo.

The biggest differece for us is the noise, which varies from roo to roo and dealing with aggression from the occasional roo with too much testosterone in his engine.

They are really fun to watch and do behave differently from the hens.
I just ADORE roosters, but I worry about what you mentioned. Noise, the poor hens *Although, we'll have 8 and I think that's plenty for a roo*, and aggression.

I don't want to let the rare case scare me out of it, but...
OH wait til you have about 15 young cockerals trying to out their crows!!!
Plus the adult roosters

Worn out feathers and needing a rest is what hens want!!!!!!
I have one pen with a roo, and another without. There isn't a big difference, but the roo pen's hens are slightly edgier from getting mounted all the time. also, their back feathers take a beating.
I would say that the biggest concern is more the crowing. Our guy is fairly quiet, but he still makes me nervous as I live in a more urban part of Maine.I don't know what your situation is, but that's where I sit. It would probably depend upon the roo's breed and personality also.
So are there any breeds of roo you would suggest? I would need one that was known for being calm, quiet, and kid friendly.
We have 2 acres and we're putting the chickens aprx in the center of the two. How far does crowing carry?
I have not heard my silkie roo crow yet and he is 4 months old, also he sits quietly and lets my son pet him as long as he likes, very docile guy. but, not really the roo to have for flock protection I don't think. Everything you said describes a silkie to me, but I'm biased now that I have them - they are the calmest breed I have personally interacted with thus far. I think that is the general concensus on the breed - they are extremely docile and sweet tempered. There are always exceptions to every rule though. My advise it to check out breeds that you like the "look" of the roos ( they are the "beauty" of the flock and that's why i like them
) and then ask people who have those breeds about the aggression levels and temperment of their roos. Hope you find a fella you like! They are all gorgous and put that ladies to shame IMO, lol!!
Ignorance on my part or not, I feel alot safer about my hens free-ranging with my rooster in charge. I know of at least two incidents where he's gathered them up and protected them during a predator visit.
His crowing I don't notice anymore. His alarm noises I always hear.
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