Quick question, low temp after setting?


10 Years
Aug 20, 2009
East Central VA
Made a 'new' bator with a plastic cooler, water heater thermostat, CPU fan, and a light socket with a 40 watt bulb. Ran it for 3 days, got it dialed in to 99 to 100 degrees. Ran like that for a solid 48 hours, even with opening and closing the bator repeatedly, before I felt safe enough to set.
Set 2 dozen about 6 hours ago and the temps in the water wiggler have dropped to 95 and refuse to come up, I've bumped up the temp on the thermostat a bit but no change in the wiggler.

How long does it take for the temps to come back up? Should I up the thermostat again?
Guess I'm nervous using a thermostat this time around! Last few hatches I used a dimmer switch and had to constantly adjust. This time so far it's been a relief not having to check the thing every couple of hours!

Set eggs and got a broody the same day... wonder if the rest of the girls will go broody and eliminate my incubator needs this time??? Would I have that luck??

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