QUICK question..lvg soon..I AM able to put these


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Feb 13, 2011
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day old chicks in w/my 10 day olds right?? If I cant I cannot get them..period..(well not now anyway)

I'm wondering will they get pecked to death or have issues w/the others?

thats not TOO big of an age diff right?

(now if we were talking humans lol..that would be a really stupid question)
well by monday the "older" ones will be in the large brooder in the garage..so I only need to keep them together for the weekend..
BUT then do I have to do the introductions? so they dont fight or whatever when they all go to the coop?
I'll chime in. I think I read that you can separate them by cutting pcs of cardboard to use as dividers. Or possibly have a small box to set inside the brooder box..like a shoebox. Put something under to make it higher so the larger ones can't peek over.
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so you all think I SHOULD seperate the day olds from the 10 day ones then...
sigh..maybe I shouldnt have gotten them...
No, there's no reason to seperate them, unless your older chicks are aggressive breeds. I just put day olds in the brooder with 4 weeks old cochins...and other chicks that are everywhere in between those two ages.
I do it all the time.

Thing is, I use baby pools for brooders, so there's tons of space for everyone to spread out. I use little 6x6 boxes scattered around for them to come and go and hang out in...several food dishes and a big gallon waterer. There's a 1x2 over the top for the older chicks to hop up on.

Works for me!
Nope; I havent seen any b aggressive; they are RIR, red sexlinks, Barred rocks, australorps and turkens...

I got:

2 brahmas (SP?)
3 EE's...

pics to come in a bit!

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